Choosing Propane As An Indoor And Outdoor Energy Source

What source of energy will you use to heat your home? Do you want a water tank or a tankless water heater? Learn more about your options.

Choosing Propane As An Indoor And Outdoor Energy Source

17 February 2016
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If you are planning the construction of a new home, you have to choose an energy source. Will you use electricity, natural gas or propane to power the many appliances within and outside of your home? Propane is one option to give careful consideration.

Benefits of Propane

Efficiency – Propane appliances can save you money over the years with decreased energy costs. This is especially true when you compare the use of propane versus the use of electricity.

Environmentally Safe – Propane is a nonpoisonous fuel that won't contaminate water or soil. The large tanks can be buried underground to protect the appearance of the property with little concern of groundwater or soil contamination. This fuel was also approved under the U.S. Clean Air Act of 1990 as it produces fewer greenhouse gasses than other sources of energy.

Reliable – As long as you keep propane in your tank, you don't have to worry as much about what happens during a severe weather system. If you have electrical outages in the area often, you can install a propane powered generator to keep the lights on during power outages.

Indoor Uses for Propane

Propane can be used in virtually every room of the house. It can be used to power:

  • Water heaters
  • Furnaces, space heaters and fireplaces
  • Clothes dryer
  • Stove and oven

Space heaters can be installed in the different rooms of your house to give you better control over the temperature throughout the house. If you have an area that isn't used often, you can turn on the space heater to heat that area only when it is being used. The areas that are commonly used can be heated while keeping the unused areas not quite as warm to save you on the cost of energy during the winter.

Outdoor Uses for Propane

Propane can be used outdoors for several purposes, including:

  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Grill
  • Outdoor heating, fire pits and fireplaces
  • Pool and spa heating

You can actually finish an outdoor kitchen with an entire set of propane powered appliances. Even propane powered refrigeration units are made for such an installation. You can have an outdoor water heater to heat the sink water. You can even install propane lighted lanterns to illuminate the space.

Talk with your local propane professional to learn more about having a propane tank installed to power the many appliances in and out of your home safely and efficiently.

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