Oil Company Owners Need To Consider Their Options For Unconventional Oil

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Oil Company Owners Need To Consider Their Options For Unconventional Oil

25 March 2016
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When oil companies first began drilling years ago, many of the company owners were not facing some of the issues and risks they have today. Petroleum has become one of the greatest energy resources in the history of mankind, but today, the risks associated with it are higher than ever before, one of the greatest being the tapping out of wells across the globe. The demand is high for oil, but the geographical areas for tapping it are becoming fewer. Learn more about unconventional oil and how it may be the best way to remain in step with your competition and high consumer demand.

Geological Risks Are Bigger

Many of the drilling areas around the globe are becoming dry because so much petroleum has already been tapped. When you are trying to decide on geographical locations for your company, you may have started to think about unconventional oil and the techniques used to tap it. Many companies have avoided unconventional oil because of the costs being extremely high. However, if you are considering locations and have no other options for drilling in the traditional manner, tapping for unconventional oil may start looking like your best option. If have been thinking about turning to unconventional oil production, consider these factors first:

  • Different extraction methods: If your company is set up to drill in a traditional manner, you will need to consider making changes and financial arrangements for various extraction methods necessary for tapping unconventional oil sources. For example, if you plan to extract from shale sources for unconventional oil, your workers will need training and equipment for the steam and acids used to draw out the oil from shale rocks. Investigating every type of extraction method that has been successfully used for unconventional oil sources is vital.

  • More refinement processes: Because unconventional oil is dirtier than conventional oil, it does require greater refinement processes to clean it up. When considering your company tapping for unconventional oil, remembering the cost of greater refinement processes is wise.

Good News For Company Owners Considering Unconventional Oil

While you may be hesitant to make the changes for tapping unconventional oil, you might think about how many of your competitors are already doing so. Because of the geographical issues arising concerning conventional oil drilling, advancement in technology are making their way into unconventional oil drilling and tapping techniques. One good thing about making the change to unconventional oil production now is you will be able to get in on the ground level, a good place to be as the methods for its production grow more mainstream, giving you an edge over other companies coming in later on.

Taking advantage of your options of unconventional oil can be profitable despite the initial investment you will need to make for changing over from traditional drilling methods. For more information, talk to a professional like Martin Oil Company.

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