Three Simple Ways To Implement Solar Energy In Your Office

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Three Simple Ways To Implement Solar Energy In Your Office

6 April 2016
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If there is one big expense your office faces, it is probably the power bill. Electricity used to power all of the necessary equipment, lighting, and everything else in your business office is bound to keep the meter spinning and those big bills showing up. Even though you may wish you could just convert totally to solar power, making all the necessary upgrades and adjustments can be a costly endeavor. If you want to cut the costs of your office's power bill through the use of solar power, there are a few creative and simple ways you can implement solar energy into the space.

Use solar powered exterior lighting.

You may need to keep the exterior of your office well lit, but there is no reason for the power for these lights to come from your electric provider. There are a plethora of different types of solar lights available: everything from simple landscape lights to floodlights that have large solar panels that attach to the roof of the building. These lights charge through the day and illuminate just as brightly at night as those powered by electricity. Even your illuminated business sign can be equipped with solar lighting. 

Swap your regular computer keyboards for solar powered varieties.

All of those attachments to the computers used in the office utilize power to function, so just swapping out small items for something solar powered could make a difference in how much energy your office is using overall. You can actually get things like solar powered wireless keyboards that have an integrated solar panel right on the top to capture energy. The best part is, these keyboards work well indoors even if they are just harnessing energy from your current lighting overhead.

Install skylights in the ceiling.

If you have an office that is in a single-level building or on the upper floor of a tall building, skylights are definitely a good way to take advantage of solar energy. Skylights often provide enough natural lighting so that you can completely avoid having the lights on at all within the office. Additionally, the heat from the sun through the skylights can help to counteract chill in the winter and provide savings on your office heating bills. Skylights can be fitted with shades that are closed at the push of a button if the light is providing too much heat in the summer months.

For more information about small ways to incorporate solar power into your office, contact a local solar company like DFW Solar Electric

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