Water Treatment Alternatives To Bottled Water

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Water Treatment Alternatives To Bottled Water

9 April 2016
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Getting bottled water can be convenient— you don't have to do much to get fresh water delivered to your home or workplace. However, the environmental impact can be heavy with the costs of producing plastic bottles and transporting them to you. There are a few sustainable water treatment options that also require very little effort from you. Here are some convenient alternatives to bottled water. 

Water Pitchers

A filtered water pitcher takes little involvement from you, and although they involve disposable filters, the impact of this is much smaller than daily water bottle disposal. A home water pitcher often uses granulated activated charcoal to collect particles in the water before it passes through to your glass. The only maintenance you'll need to to is replace the filter every few months. Some pitchers have an indicator to show you the exact date when the filter should be replaced, meaning you won't even have to keep track. 

Multistage Filters

Some other water bottle alternatives may take some upfront work from your water treatment technician, but then you'll be smooth sailing. For instance, a multistage filter can be installed under your sink, and it will use a combination of physical separation, UV light, and other techniques to thoroughly clean the water before it reaches the tap. These types of filters can filter out a variety of contaminants in your water, from sediments to pathogens. And the good thing about these filters is that they can also be engineered to have a tank full of clean water that's ready to go as soon as you open the tap. You'll be enjoying that clean spring water taste in no time. 

Reverse Osmosis

As far as conservation goes, it doesn't get much better than reverse osmosis filters and other types of physical separators. This filter uses a mesh to separate particles out of the water. Anything larger than a water particle should be sorted out of the water. Although this process can take more time than other filter types, you can attach it to a reservoir to hold freshly-filtered water under your sink.

As you can see, there are several alternatives to bottled water. Some of these can save you even more time, since you won't have to go to the trouble of keeping track of your water supply and ordering more bottles when needed. If you are unsure which type of water treatment would be good for your situation, then consult a technician to go through the many options for sustainable filtered water. Contact a business, such as Imperial Water Conditioning Co, for more information. 

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