What source of energy will you use to heat your home? Do you want a water tank or a tankless water heater? Learn more about your options.

Know What To Save After A Household Flood

17 May 2016
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When you come home to a flooded house, one of your first thoughts is what is lost and what can be saved. This will depend on the type of flood water and how long the items have been wet. Here are how the professionals evaluate flood damage of personal items so you'll have a starting point from which to make the choice of salvage or replace. Flood Water Sources Your home can be flooded from a number of sources, such as: Read More …

Home Upgrades 101: Three Energy Efficient Upgrades For Your Kitchen

19 April 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home. It is typically used daily for cooking, socializing, and eating. As one of the busiest rooms, it's also one of the most expensive rooms in the home when it comes to energy usage. Fortunately, it isn't too difficult to make your kitchen more energy-efficient. So how should you go about making your kitchen a little more green? Here are three tips: Read More …

Why More Municipalities Are Using Garbage Totes For Trash Collection

14 April 2016
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Rats have been getting a lot of attention lately in two villages in Western New York -- Lancaster and Hamburg. The rats have moved into these communities because many of the surrounding towns and villages have outlawed people throwing trash away in plastic garbage bags and uncovered cans. Those towns and villages have bought totes for the residents to use that rats can't get into. This has made the rats looks elsewhere for food. Read More …

2 Tips To Help You Develop A Sustainable Supply Chain

13 April 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

More and more corporations are beginning to worry about the potential negative impact their business activities could have on the environment. If you are hoping to make your own company more environmentally-friendly in the future, it can be beneficial to start developing a sustainable supply chain to help you access the raw materials needed to manufacture the products you sell on the open market. Here are two tips you can use to help you begin developing a more sustainable supply chain for the future. Read More …

Guaranteeing Quality, Performance, And Safety - Options Available In Lead Products

11 April 2016
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While metal works continue to be a vital part of the American economy, the health scares associated with it in the past have left lead struggling to catch up to the rest of the market place. However, if you're working on a project where metal parts play a vital role, it's essential that you understand that lead products can still be of vital use. Below, you'll find a guide to some of the lead products currently available on the marketplace and the advantages of selecting lead as your material of choice. Read More …

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