What source of energy will you use to heat your home? Do you want a water tank or a tankless water heater? Learn more about your options.

Minimizing Laundry Pollution

29 March 2016
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Ironically, your attempts to maintain excellent hygiene habits often lead to environmental pollution. Every time you do your laundry, you are hurting the world's resources by releasing pollutants. As a responsible citizen, you should be aware of these dangers and do what you can to limit the damage. Phenols Some detergents contain phenols because they let the detergent actually get into the fabric to get dirt and stains out. While no one challenges the cleaning ability of phenols, experts agree that they can have toxic effects. Read More …

Three Options For Solar Installation To Consider For Your Home

29 March 2016
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If you're a homeowner who wants to install solar technology but would prefer to stay away from the raised beds of panels that you typically see on roofs, you do have a couple of options. Adding solar energy to your home can save you a lot of money on electricity, and companies are trying to improve the technology daily. Here are two current options that you can use instead of panels, plus an up-and-coming option that may see more household use soon. Read More …

Oil Company Owners Need To Consider Their Options For Unconventional Oil

25 March 2016
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When oil companies first began drilling years ago, many of the company owners were not facing some of the issues and risks they have today. Petroleum has become one of the greatest energy resources in the history of mankind, but today, the risks associated with it are higher than ever before, one of the greatest being the tapping out of wells across the globe. The demand is high for oil, but the geographical areas for tapping it are becoming fewer. Read More …

Choosing Propane As An Indoor And Outdoor Energy Source

17 February 2016
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If you are planning the construction of a new home, you have to choose an energy source. Will you use electricity, natural gas or propane to power the many appliances within and outside of your home? Propane is one option to give careful consideration. Benefits of Propane Efficiency – Propane appliances can save you money over the years with decreased energy costs. This is especially true when you compare the use of propane versus the use of electricity. Read More …

Roll Off Dumpsters VS Junk Removal Services

4 February 2016
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If you are currently working on a remodeling project, you might be thinking about how to get rid of the waste. Two of your main options include renting a roll off dumpster or paying for junk removal services. If you choose a dumpster, it is parked on your property and picked up when you're done with it. With junk removal services, the company arrives after your remodeling project is complete. Here is more information about each of these options so you can decide which one is a better fit. Read More …

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